Virgin Matrimony 

Today I'm sharing my first "serious" poem. I wrote it when I was 14, maybe 13. "What makes a poem 'serious,'" you ask? Well, it depends on the person. I suppose any real poem takes meter and rhythm into account, as anything else would be prose with randomly-occurring line breaks. I wasn't particularly learned in … Continue reading Virgin Matrimony 

Poem: Love & Joy in July Heat

boy I love you like fireworks that burst in July heat cuz they just can’t take it no more like sparklers that crackle and glitter and singe my fingers just oh so ever so slightly like goosbumps on my arm in a movie theatre while the AC blasts and you slide your hand over mine … Continue reading Poem: Love & Joy in July Heat

Copywriting: Product descriptions

The following are product descriptions that I supplied for two ceiling fan ecommerce websites. This was a long-term job involving hundreds of descriptions; I've just grabbed a few of them, to show the general idea behind the work. Photo by Roxanne Ready, via Creative Commons The Traditional Dry fan options from the Classica ceiling fan … Continue reading Copywriting: Product descriptions

Copywriting: Product Overview

The following is a product overview tailored to client expectations. It covers various questions that customers had when considering purchasing a certain product. The difference between the copy and my typical writing voice is marked, particularly when comparing punctuation usage. Runners know exactly how hard it is to keep dead skin from accumulating on one’s … Continue reading Copywriting: Product Overview

Poem: Botany of the Coastal United States

Weird how I came here because the books that I read said the city’s toxicity exsanguinates hope dead odd that i chose my domicile on the principle that the prettiest things should cause or decorate a funeral purple lilacs are a little bit tame though they die faster than jacaranda which I made my name … Continue reading Poem: Botany of the Coastal United States

BUSted on Dromebox

In the latest episode of BUSted, I relay the story of how my phone got stolen out of my hand... twice. Shooting the livecast at Dromebox Studios was so much fun. Interesting story: I wasn't booked until that morning, when I was already on my way to work. With no window between quitting time and … Continue reading BUSted on Dromebox