Copywriting: Product Overview

The following is a product overview tailored to client expectations. It covers various questions that customers had when considering purchasing a certain product. The difference between the copy and my typical writing voice is marked, particularly when comparing punctuation usage. Runners know exactly how hard it is to keep dead skin from accumulating on one’s … Continue reading Copywriting: Product Overview

Poem: Mary Anne

This poem was originally published in Breadcrumb Scabs. Mary Anne, you are my favorite lover you read from your book of poems, your poison thick as honey and as hard to swallow as bile and after reading a linguistic murder weapon sick enough to rival Plath and kill her twice you look up at me … Continue reading Poem: Mary Anne

Poem: A Villanelle for Tim Fuhs

you can't imagine what you have evoked the cigarette falls down still sparkling bright (i changed my brand to what you always smoked) in waking once i dreamed you were my own in dreaming my delusion was revoked (i changed my brand to what you always smoked) i remember last month it always snowed i … Continue reading Poem: A Villanelle for Tim Fuhs

BUSted on Dromebox

In the latest episode of BUSted, I relay the story of how my phone got stolen out of my hand... twice. Shooting the livecast at Dromebox Studios was so much fun. Interesting story: I wasn't booked until that morning, when I was already on my way to work. With no window between quitting time and … Continue reading BUSted on Dromebox

100 New Things in 30 Days: Day 7

#19: Deal with a source of pain on my own terms Sometimes people do things so cruel that you can't comprehend how anyone could be so evil. Sometimes that situation is multiplied in intensity by one hundred. For some reason, I've always had the utmost trust in people. That optimism allows me to stay in … Continue reading 100 New Things in 30 Days: Day 7