Rachel Knight is a highly versatile writer and editor. Inspired by Robert Heinlein’s assertion that “specialization is for insects,” she’s worked as a playwright, creative writer, journalist, editorialist and copywriter. She started publishing early in life, believing that writing was the best way she could improve the world. As part of her mission to have a positive impact on others, she has also worked as a childcare specialist and nursing assistant.

At seventeen, Rachel became a target of Fox News. She was the editorialist and head proofreader of The Winnachronicle, her high school’s newspaper. An issue containing articles on sexual health and identity led to a local scandal, as well as international criticism. When copies of the issue were confiscated, she examined state bylaws. She found that the paper qualified as independently-run, and non-pornographic. This rendered it legally immune from censorship by a public school.

She continued her passionate involvement with student periodicals after entering college. She served as a staff writer for Marlboro College’s newspaper, The Citizen. At the close of her freshman year, the Editor-in-Chief endorsed her to replace him. She was elected, and ran the publication with a 70% increase in output.

After college, she embarked on a wide variety of creative projects. Her poetry was featured in slams, readings, and literary magazines. She interviewed her favorite actor, Crispin Glover, for New Zealand’s largest newspaper.

She was brought on as Resident Journalist of Native women’s rights organization Save Wįyąbi Project by co-founder Lauren Chief Elk in February of 2013. FatalSincerity.com includes both independent reporting, and articles done in an official capacity for Save Wįyąbi. At the time, the Violence Against Women Act’s tribal mitigations were hotly contested. After a government shutdown, Rachel diversified her involvement in the issue. She organized a phone initiative through social media. Save Wįyąbi’s commitment to preserving the mitigations were arguably instrumental in their eventual passing.

Rachel lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a copywriter and tutor. She can be reached at reliknight@gmail.com. For more information, view her LinkedIn profile.

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