ninety caret glare
running errant errands
heels fall hard on every stair
undisparaged parage

travel in a figure eight
aimless as my hair is
teasing layers till I sate
my appetite for Paris

magnifying mirror in my smallest pocket
bleeding rivulets, but I won’t admit it
gunmetal glitter, dark gray as my locket
impatient with my lipstick, patient with my outfit

raining cruel asides
disposition’s stormy
if you can’t tolerate my chides
guess you’d best ignore me

contender to rival
the curvature of my lips,
testing pleather’s survival
against the range of my hips

sword rose and skull
needled above my left thigh
and my smirk helps to cull
all those who could not comply

ninety decibel blare
so my taste’s apparent
I aim to lead or to scare,
the first and last declarant


Rachel Knight January 5 2017

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