My quest to do 100 things in a short amount of time was cut short due to a traumatic experience. The physical and mental anguish it caused increased my need for both self-care and medical attention. I do not feel comfortable discussing the event at this time. I just wanted to make it clear that I did not fail in my endeavor, and also clarify why the series stopped. I chose to do the responsible thing: be proactive and pragmatic in my healing process.

There were some days when I managed to do new things. My best guess on how the series will move forward is this: if and when looking back on those early days isn’t excessively painful, I will write about them and add to the list of 100 things without a time limit. At first I tried to keep up with the list, but it proved to be detrimental to my health.

Of course I don’t owe anyone an explanation. I guess I don’t really care whether or not people think I was too ambitious and failed. I hope that this post assures people of two things: it’s possible to try something hard and succeed, and it’s okay to change plans when the circumstances change.

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