I managed to catch up on New Things after losing some time to an assault the day before. The day was a bit of a mixed bag, but I enjoyed each of the Things.

#15: See a new children’s play

I wasn’t planning to list this experience, since it involved kids I nanny for. There’s not a lot I can say without jeopardizing privacy. Would the lack of details make for boring reading? Then I remembered: there are no rules. One of the children I nanny for was in an adorable, genuinely entertaining play. As the lights went down, I felt exactly what the 100 Things are supposed to emit: tranquility, happiness, and the knowledge that I have good relationships with some of the people here.

#16: Rent a film at CineFile

Cinefile Video is a movie rental place that’s been in operation since 1999. They have over 42,000 films, specializing in rare finds. Yelp had a deal for a free first-time rental, so I borrowed the experimental film Argument. I can see why there’s still a market for video rentals. For all streaming has done for consumers, it’s still difficult to find everything the discerning viewer requires. CineFile helps fill that niche.

#17: Play games at Button Mash


I absolutely love pinball. Button Mash has a selection of both popular and hard-to-find arcade games. The atmosphere is communal and fun. The people are nice. I highly recommend it as a place for out of the box nightlife.

#18: Explore Elysian Park


Light hiking in Elysian Park uncovers beautiful views of the city from multiple angles. From one spot, a cityscape of skyscrapers. From another, tall palm tries lined against the sky. And of course, from another, Dodger Stadium. I searched for the tree swing, and got even better views. Los Angeles is like Honolulu: bad things may have happened to me there, but I can’t deny that it’s beautiful.

IMG_4007 (1)

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