Earlier this month, I visited my family for my birthday. I’ve been really depressed since I got back to LA. I desperately wanted to move here since discovering Francesca Lia Block at 14. For the first couple of years, I saw the magic she wrote of everywhere. I was enchanted by the palm trees lining the streets, the work ethic of the people who live here, the adroitness visible in creatives, the diversity I was never really surrounded by before. Plus, I had practical reasons to move here: I thrive in large cities. I need warm weather year-round. I enjoy acting and writing. There’s a larger job market here than in my home state, New Hampshire.

But, as noted in Block’s LA fairy tales, it’s not perfect. Relationships are a lot more transient here. Whether it’s employers, partners, or friends, people are less hesitant to leave you. I’ve often heard that this applies most to female friends, and my experience is no different. Back home, I lost exactly one close friend in my entire life. Here, it’s more like every six months. Being with my family was quite comfortable after living in this environment. My family won’t leave me. If coastal New England wasn’t so much more expensive than Ktown, I believe I might’ve moved back.

I’m happiest when I have a lot to do. My vacation’s itinerary was packed. Perhaps that was why I was so sad upon getting back to my everyday life. I came up with an ambitious solution: In the 30 days before school started, I would do 100 new things.

This came with some challenges, and not just the short time frame:

  • I don’t have a car.
  • I work. Granted, I don’t get many hours. Which brings me to my next point:
  • I only have $325 to spend on this. This isn’t a rule– for there are no rules— but that’s the amount of extra money I have. It was given by relatives with the instruction to “do something fun with it.” Broke as I may be, I would feel guilty putting it towards essentials. I’m hoping to save most of the gift money for a car– which is pretty essential, but arguably fun.

Not everything will involve venturing outside, but I assume that most will. This is an opportunity to love LA again. Most importantly, it will take me out of my head.

Shakespeare said that “brevity is the soul of wit,” but I think in longform.To avoid burying day one, I will post it separately.

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