Art Hearts Fashion explores the connection between fashion and other visual arts, and this year’s representatives did not disappoint. All photos by Zhara Ali (Twitter, Instagram.)

2015-10-06 17.31.55 HDR

Sham Ibrahim

A couple years ago, there was Style Fashion Week. The same people, Erik Rosete and Sarah Whitaker, were producing the event. They invited me and a bunch of artists like Eugene Huffman to hang our stuff and be a part of Fashion Week. I had such a great response, I couldn’t believe it. Here I am four seasons later, and in my time here I’ve given portraits to Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Brown, 50 Cent was here last year– I didn’t give him a portrait, but I did photograph him. He’s very sweet. I thought he would beat me up, but he’s very nice!

It’s just amazing what they’ve done. Betsey Johnson is going to be here tonight. During the first round of Fashion Weeks, I gave her a portrait. This has been a platform for me to launch unto doing so many other things. I’m so grateful.


2015-10-06 17.38.07

Eugene Huffman

I’m an abstract expressionist. I was working with Erik Rosete, who does the Mister Triple X label. I started with him with a pop-up show that he did in Los Angeles. Now we’re still here. I’ve been with the Art Hearts Fashion Show every year. It’s just gotten bigger and bigger.

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2015-10-06 17.48.49

Molly Gruninger

The whole idea behind me is, the decorations represent the exterior image that people try to put on. There are people that are completely covered, and wrapped, and even composed of decorations– things that get noticed primarily for their initial looks. It’s about the pretty wrapping on a package.

2015-10-06 17.53.34

In this piece, there are a bunch of objects that symbolize different gender roles, and materialistic worth. Each particular object isn’t necessarily super significant, it’s just adding to that whole idea.

I love other pop surrealists. Ron English is probably one of my favorite artists of all times. I’m influenced by pieces that tie into that exploration of pop culture and where it’s headed– the evolution of society and people within it.

2015-10-06 17.54.38

This has to do a lot with mother/daughter relationships, and also with gender roles– how nurturing certain ideals within society foster a person’s image of themselves. These subjects aren’t necessarily meant to represent anyone in particular, it’s more to represent the idea.


2015-10-06 17.57.17

Connie Kurtew

Right now I’m really into portraiture. With most of them, I play around with them or I have themes.

2015-10-06 18.03.11

I always had this photo shoot in mind. I wanted to have her, with this big hair, on the roof, with the fur coat, and do something stylish for Fashion Week. We really just played around. I do a lot of architecture and landscape stuff too. I really do love it, but right now I like to do portraiture. I just moved two years ago to LA. I lived for fifteen years in San Diego, and I’m from Germany.

The model in this piece is actually my girlfriend. She’s an actress and a writer. Her name is Dalila Ali Rajah.


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