Los Angeles is a major city with a reputation for red carpet couture, yet it isn’t often mentioned alongside such major fashion weeks as New York and Paris. I’ve even jokingly touched upon this in my web series. Unlike the character I play, I love and respect LAFW– usually shortened to FWLA, so as to not cause confusion between it and the LA Food & Wine festival. At least, I assume that’s why the #lafw hashtag is dead. Humor aside, local designers are hugely underrated, as are the designers from elsewhere who show during the week. As the parade of gorgeous designs draws to a close, I’d like to reflect on what this event means to people in the fashion scene. Fellow comedian Zahra Ali and I interviewed people at the Art Hearts Fashion Opening Gala at the W. All pictures are by Zahra, who was a tremendous help with this article. Check her out on Twitter and Instagram.


Adam Gaynor, CEO of Creationville and former guitarist for Matchbox Twenty.

I think the thing that you have to understand about LA Fashion Week is, me being a New Yorker and coming from the streets of New York, where Fashion Week is one of the most iconic events in the industry, is the people that wear that fashion are here in LA. The idea that LA Fashion Week should be less represented by New York– I don’t think so. I think that they both have their importance in the industry, and all the players that are wearing the clothes are either living, or working, or playing here. We’re in LA, the entertainment Mecca of the universe, where fashion simply belongs.

Adam is launching a collection of tee shirts inspired by characters created through Fashion Week. More information is available on his site, Creationville.com.


From left: Kenny Nogueira, model, and Ravi Kahn, stylist

Kenny: This launch party, for one, is amazing. We have great people out here, and it’s just so much fun. I’m so excited to walk, and just to meet people.

Ravi Kahn: I think when we talk about fashion, we talk about New York. LA is coming into its own, with the movie industry, because we dress so many celebrities. We’re coming into our own. It’s a relative thing. I’m excited to see the designers who will be coming, some from back east. Designers from all over, even Dubai, are going to be showing. I’m looking to see different collections and see what we can do for LA, see where LA Fashion Week can go, and if it can eventually be competitive with New York. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? We’re so close to Asia, and Japan being such a fashion force, I think LA is in a good place right now.

Connect with Kenny Nogueira via Instagram, @kennynog. Follow Ravi on Facebook.

-2D’Shaunte McKnight, Fashion Stylist and Blogger. Quote taken post-LAFW

LAFW was a great experience, I was proud of the designers, and believe the fashion world should take notice!

Visit DressBeyond.com

-7From left: San Francis, Nick Castañon, creator of Unfashion Magazine

Nick: I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to be invited. Consort 62 reached out. They said they wanted the magazine, because it’s menswear only. They have menswear this time around. I’m happy to come support them and support local designers.

Like Unfashion Magazine on Facebook.

More photos from the Art Hearts Fashion Opening Gala:




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