As noted in previous updates, the legal action currently being taken against the Violence Against Women Act appears to be linked to Koch Industries, who would have much to gain by the law being changed following recent human rights abuses.

FS is currently investigating staff members at openly anti-VAWA organizations for financial links to Koch Industries.

Investigations as of 10:30 PM EST April 5:

Anti-VAWA individuals checked: 5

Individuals who have received financial, political, or business support directly from Koch Industries or a Koch family-owned entity: 4

Individuals with thusfar inconclusive results: 1

Significant evidence attained thusfar/more likely to be involved with Koch: 1

Insignificant evidence/less likely to be involved with Koch: 0

Only individuals who have been 100% vetted as being tied to entities funded by the Koch family will be listed here.



Alex Adrianson

Organization: The Heritage Foundation

Title: Editor,

Koch tie: Worked at Citizens Against Government Waste, recipient of Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program


Paul J. Larkin Jr.

Organization: The Heritage Foundation

Title: Senior Legal Research Fellow

Koch link: Wrote a legal essay theorizing that The Violence Against Women Act is un-Constitutional with Joseph Luppino-Esposito, who has worked as an Associate at the Charles Koch Institute.

Other information: Has written three anti-VAWA blog posts for Heritage


Organization: The Heritage Foundation

Title: former Visiting Legal Fellow

Koch link: former Associate the Charles Koch Institute

Other information: Co-authored law journal contribution with Paul J. Larkin Jr. this year



Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Title: United States Senator; introduced amendment to remove tribal provisions from VAWA

Koch tie: Has attended at least one of Koch’s corporate vacation/political strategizing events entitled “Understanding and Addressing Threats to American Free Enterprise and Prosperity.”


Individuals will be added as they are confirmed. Follow Rachel Knight @yellville for updates as they come. Knight serves as Resident Journalist for Save Wįyąbi [WEE-ob] Project. @SaveWiyabi / Facebook

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