The focus of Save Wįyąbi Project, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, is to protect Native women from rape, sexual slavery, and other violent crimes. As we’ve collected reports and data linking fracking communities to human rights violations, environmentalist and feminist causes have started to merge.

On Wednesday, a train carrying roughly 357 barrels of oil derailed off of Canadian Pacific Railway tracks in Minnesota.

An ExxonMobil pipeline sprang a leak two days later in Mayflower, Arkansas. Some residents did not know if their homes were on the evacuation list after what they felt was a reasonable amount of time.

As environmentalists protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, North Dakota Senator John Hoeven reacted to the recent train wreck by claiming that the line would provide a safer option.

Sources in DC have not heard of any developments regarding the potential lawsuit against the Violence Against Women Act. The Attorney General’s office has not rescinded its claim that there is reason to believe it will be challenged. Our fully-vetted anonymous sources will keep us in the loop as the days progress.

Names of anti-VAWA organizations tied to oil corporations are available here. More will be reported here on FS as they become available.

To discuss the lawsuit and see news as it breaks, use hashtag #savevawa or follow Rachel and Save Wįyąbi on Twitter.

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